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Datamatics CareEase

An Advanced Approach to Improve Care Management

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Increase in aging population has led to a growing demand for care homes, old age care, and home care. A corresponding rise in government expenditure in healthcare and a mandate for statutory and regulatory compliances has led to technology playing a vital role in care management. 

Datamatics’ CareEase is a comprehensive solution for long term care management and resident engagement. It is a digital, cloud-based platform that addresses the requirements of all stakeholders including care workers, care managers, doctors, and nurses, who function 24x7 in shifts. With resident engagement and care at the fulcrum, the solution focuses on making available information at the fingertips to the right people at the right time while delivering care.


CareEase Overview

CareEase Benefits

Reduce OpEx

Reduced OpEx

Helps to offer outcome-based and focused care to residents while reducing administrative costs

Centralized Operations

Centralized Operations

Zero paper work with device agnostic, any time any where access

Pre-set Reminders

Pre-set Reminders

Clock-work care as per pre-defined reminders for food, drug, and water administration across changing care worker shifts

Work-list Snapshots

Work-list Snapshots

Provides prioritized work-lists and gist of pending tasks

24x7 Care

24x7 Care

Frees-up care workers from administrative activities to focus on core activity of caring for residents



Seamless connect between care workers, care managers, resident doctors, and nurses working in different shifts

Resource Planning

Resource Planning

Better planning of care resources

Efficient Care

Efficient Care

Faster, better, and cheaper care management towards the satisfaction of residents and their family members

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Quick administration of care during emergencies

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CareEase Features



Designing and tracking of outcome-based care plans


Real-time data

Seamless capture of resident data including profile, health & well being status, food, drug, water administration, etc. all in real-time


Centralized data

Online management and centralized maintenance of complete resident record from admission to end-of-care


System interoperability

Integration with healthcare instruments, third party Hospital Management system 


Role-based access

Highly intuitive user interface with role-based 360 degree view of resident data to authenticated users


Reminder management

Quick snapshots of resident profile and reminders for pending care tasks for the day to care workers and their managers

Unstructured Data-1

Stronger compliance

Real-time dashboards and compliance reports for care managers


Secure environment

Role-based secure access to stakeholders including care workers, care managers, doctors, nurses, residents, and family members

CareEase Offerings

CareEase Core

  • Resident enrollment
  • Care profile & plan creation and management
  • Health assessment
  • Drug administration 
  • Food administration
  • Automated task management & workflows
  • Incident data capture & reporting
  • Event & audit log with full audit trail

CareEase Core add-ons

  • Integration with medical health devices 
  • Integration with EMR, EHR, path lab & hospital management system
  • Diet & nutrition management

CareEase Admin

  • Automated task management & workflow
  • Role configuration & rights administration
  • Multiple levels of user authorization & authentication
  • Secure access of resident data to doctors, affiliated hospitals and family members
  • Compliance & regulatory reporting
  • Multiple care homes management

CareEase Admin add-ons

  • Inquiries management
  • Staff roster management
  • Inventory management
  • Maintenance & automated facility management
  • Billing, invoicing & standing instruction management
CareEase Admin Add-Ons screen

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